Get Our Fiber. It’s Really Fast!

Privately owned and operated.  The Fiber Media network is located in the core of the Montreal island, providing an affordable alternative.
Award Winning
We use the best fiber in the business.  Corning SMF-28e+ cores in all our Outside Plant networks.
Brilliant Open Access
Design your own fiber infrastructure on our network.  We serve a number of commercial and residential buildings in the downtown core.

Just Some of the Things we Do

Fiber Internet

Dedicated business fiber internet access.  Whether it’s our industry leading 1 Gbps at $449/m or our 10 Mbps at $145/m replacing that dedicated slow adsl connection, your business will be zipping along at speeds never before experienced on our dedicated 100% business fiber network.

DC IP Transit
For as low as 0.35$/Mbps, connect your data center collocated equipment to our Multi-homed BGP IP transit network.  In addition to global exchange connectivity via our transit providers, benefit from local direct peering with most major content and transit providers within Montreal, Toronto and New York.
L2 Ethernet Services
Dedicated Private Line inter-city connectivity.  Establish direct secure private connectivity with your collocated or office networks between most major cities.  Lowest possible latency, secure communications and selectable routes for your business network.

“Our clients love us, the competition hates us :)”

Fibre Media Inc.

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